Shibuya is a web3 platform for users to fund & become producers of content. We’re changing the way content is produced and engaged with by users, starting with our original IP White Rabbit created by our co-founders pplpleasr & Maciej Kuciara.

We’re a highly ambitious team with a diverse set of experiences ranging from Hollywood / Blizzard to tech companies like Instagram, Stripe & Lyft.

Read more about how it works in our FAQ or in this blog post.

Founding Team

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mint Producer Passes?

You can mint up to five Producer Passes on our minting page. Producer passes are only valid for the latest chapter, so once you mint a Producer Pass, make sure you use it before voting closes!

What happens to my Producer Pass when I vote?

When you vote using your Producer Pass, the Producer Pass token is temporarily staked (i.e. ownership is transferred to the contract). As soon as voting is complete, you may unstake your passes on the voting page to get your passes back in your wallet, while also earning any winning bonus for the winning vote.

How many $WRAB tokens will I receive?

The amount of $WRAB (White Rabbit) tokens you receive will depend on how early in the process you vote. Producers who participate in earlier chapters will earn more $WRAB tokens. On a smaller scale, producers who vote earlier in each chapter will also receive more than those who vote later.

What is a $WRAB token, anyway?

Once the film is complete, it will be turned into a fractionalized NFT. A $WRAB token, or White Rabbit token, represents ownership of the final film.